Partner Program

Partner Program

by beheerder
Traditionally, IAF offers partners of Convention delegates a parallel program that we call the ‘Partner Program’. Basically, it consists of a two day cultural and recreational program organized in the host city of the Convention. In addition, the main social events of the Convention, such as the opening cocktails at City Hall on October 8th and the Festive Fashion Dinner on October 9th are included.

Partner Program

Tuesday October 9th

10:00 Visit to Maastricht designer’s studio
12:30 Lunch in Maastricht
14:00 Vlaai making workshop (vlaai is a typical Dutch cake)
16:00 Tea and Vlaai

Wednesday October 10th

10:00 Guided tour of Roman Maastricht
12:30 Lunch just outside of Maastricht
15:00 Guided shopping in Maastricht


The Partner Program’s price (€ 295.-) will cover all costs, including food, drinks, transportation and tickets but excludes accomodation.