by Dunja Hoejenbos

Photos October 9th - morning

Opening by IAF President Han Bekke and Ger Koopmans, Regional Minister of  Culture, Sports and Finance for the Province of Limburg (Netherlands).

Keynote speech held by Karl Lannoo (CEPS) and Saskia Hedrich (McKinsey).

Panel session 1 – Smart Supply Chains
Moderator: Jan Hilger (Triumph)
Speakers: Heinz Zeller (Hugo Boss), Craig Crawford (Crawford IT) and Ward de Kruiff (GS1)

Photos October 9th - aftnernoon

Panel session 2 – Smart Material Use
Moderator: Jonas Eder- Hansen
Speakers: Brigitte Stepputtis (Vivienne Westwood), Douwe Jan Joustra (C&A Foundation) and Professor Thomas Gries (RWTH Aachen University).

Photos October 9th - afternoon

Panel session 3 – Smart New Business Models
Moderator: Mike Fralix
Speakers: Ed Gribbin, Gribbin Strategic LLC/Alvanon, Alexander Shumsky, Russia Fashion Week and Russian Fashion Council, Georgina Rutherford, Influencer Marketing Agency (IMAgency) and Chris van Veldhuizen (TMO)

Photos October 10th - morning

Keynote speech held by Scott Deitz (VF Corporation) and Mark Jarvis (WTiN)

Photos October 10th - morning

Panel session 4 – Apparel Manufacturing
Moderator: Avedis Seferian
Speakers: Stanley Szeto (LeverStyle), Sanem Dikmen (European T-shirt Factory), Olgun Aydin (Puma)

Photos October 10th - afternoon

Panel session 5 – Future Smart retailing/Selling
Moderator: Sjors Bos
Speakers: Jorij Abraham (eCommerce Foundation), Matthew Drinkwater (London College of Fashion), Jeff Streader (Go Global)

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