Embedded Session: The Future of Fashion Education

Embedded Session: The Future of Fashion Education

by Dunja Hoejenbos

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A discussion between schools and business

It is clear that the traditional linear, mass production fashion model is currently under heavy revision. It is much less clear what model, or what models, will be replacing the old ones. For young fashion employees, professionals and/or entrepreneurs, and for the schools teaching them, this makes it tough to determine the right direction. Industries never transition in a nice orderly fashion.

Nevertheless, some trends always emerge and they do so on a global scale. Technological- and business innovation change business models, which enables small, smart and sustainable micro brands and factories to emerge. Successful fashion professionals seem to expect a more interdisciplinary approach and this requires different methods of teaching. Schools, universities, the industry and its associations are all part of the same infrastructure but there is not enough structured discussion on a global level among them.


Our objective is to bring together fashion management, design and technology institutes from different countries with representatives from the fashion industry. Brought together they will have a unique opportunity to discuss how curricula and facilities at schools, expected industry developments and resulting personnel challenges are best aligned. Education and industry will discuss not only in terms of the desired subject matter taught to students but also in terms of school’s potential new roles as incubator, accelerator, inspirator and also a provider of shared infrastructure.


Session of between 2 hours including:

  • Introductory presentations of José Teunissen, Dean of London College of Fashion and Professor in Fashion Theory & Catherine Cole, Executive Director of Motif.
  • Q&A
  • Discussion will be lead and conclusions will be drawn by moderator Lucie Huiskens


The embedded sessions seek to make use of the unique occasion, the IAF Convention. It brings together IAF’s global network that includes industry representatives and other players in the global fashion infrastructure. Through long experience with bringing people from all continents together the IAF has learned that global discussions are often very rewarding experiences because organizations facing the same challenges can learn so much from each other’s approaches. Often the wheel has already been invented 10.000 kilometres away, but for lack of communication we often don’t know.

We are organising this as a pre conference session to enable all participants to conveniently combine it with the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention that will start straight after with a welcome reception at Maastricht Town Hall and the 2 day conference on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please see www.iafconventionmaastricht.com for more information and send an email to vandam@iafnet.com for tickets for the convention.


Monday October 8th, 3 – 5 pm

The venue has changed from Maastricht Town Hall to Thiessen Wijnkoopers:

Thiessen Wijnkoopers
Grote Gracht 18
6211 SW Maastricht


Industry associations all over the world and schools like Amsterdam Fashion Institute, London College of Fashion and more from
the IFFTI (www.iffti.com) and the NETFAS (www.netfas.eu) networks will attend this embedded session. Other organizations
from the industry, such as Alvanon, Fashion for Good and the Russian Fashion Council will attend as well.

If you would like to receive more information or if you would like to participate, please send an email to Kaylee van Dam.